Get all the information from the data network of the phiNet® platform with the application that predicts the solar resource

Evaluate your solar potential

We have developed all the tools necessary to estimate your photovoltaic energy data

Simple Interface

With an easy UI, the Solar Calculator allows to study and estimate the photovoltaic generation for any given roof or land.

Advanced Data

The all the information pulled from our phiNet platform gives the user access to advanced historical generation data.

HD Aerial Imaging

In selected areas, we constantly update the aerial imaging with our own, low altitude drone flights for the highest definition possible

Georeferenced Estimates

Evaluate precisely and intuitively your PV system with our geo-referenced drawing tool.

Costs and Equivalences

Estimate how much your PV system would cost, how much could you save, and your CO2 offsets.

Print-friendly Reports

Once ready, download a PDF print-friendly report, to study the details of your next PV system

Multiple Calculation Options

With the solar calculator, you can assess your photovoltaic possibilities through many choices such as the monthly payment of your actual electricity bill, amount of kWh to be installed or the available ground size for the project.

Advanced Generation Data

Based on the data gathered with our phiNet® stations, you can look up the historical Global Horizontal Irradiance annual data of any given geographic location.

Printable Reports

Once ready, download printer-friendly informs, with all the necessary details to further study the generation data and photovoltaic potential for your next photovoltaic system.

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