Plug & Play

phiNet voyager is a measuring station easy installation which can be connected by any user. It also has an electronic design with an autonomous power system robust in order to operate with low maintenance.

WiFi & 3G

phiNet voyager can connect to the information platform through a WiFi wireless network and mobile broadband. The information is stored locally in the internal memory of the station with a storage capacity of 5 years and may transmit it to the phiNet® platform for processing and display of information.


phiNet voyager synchronizes the date and time of your internal clock via the Internet through a NTP protocol to keep UTC time measurements as accurate as possible. Synchronization is performed daily and the date and time is saved in the internal clock of the measuring station.


phiNet voyager has a web platform which receives information, processes it and displays it in reports online and PDF reports. In addition, you can download the data in CSV format to be processed and analyzed with other tools it deems appropriate.

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