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Solar radiation measurement stations, dust measurement, electrical energy and heat measurement

Study of energy potential and economic analysis of photovoltaic plants

    • Analysis of the solar resource and preparation of time series for the study of photovoltaic energy generation.

    • Analysis and processing of solar data (TMY).

    • Simulation of energy scenarios with different photovoltaic technologies.

Solar measurement stations for solar plants

    • Solar radiation in horizontal plane – ISO9060 sensor

    • Solar radiation on inclined plane – ISO9060 sensor

    • Environmental temperature and relative humidity

    • wind speed and direction

    • Atmospheric pressure

    • Other special variables


Performance Ratio, energy production analysis, solar field dust measurement

Aerial photography and video

    • Aerial photography and video of photovoltaic plants

    • Aerial photography and video of roofs for solar projects

    • Overlay of photographs and calculation of surfaces with images and maps with geoTIFF overlay

Dirt monitoring of photovoltaic modules

    • Installation of monitoring system for dirty photovoltaic modules

    • Monitoring of the decay of energy production and incident solar radiation (daily analysis)

    • Information for planning the maintenance of the photovoltaic plant

    • Studies prior to construction to determine the levels of dirt in the solar field


Solar and wind resource prediction for photovoltaic plant operation planning

Thermography for preventive maintenance of photovoltaic systems

    • Solar Field Hot Spot Inspection

    • Inspection of electrical connections of the photovoltaic system

    • Historical analysis of the hot spots in the photovoltaic installation

    • Temperature measurement of PV modules and comparison with thermographic image

Photovoltaic Plant Audit


    • Commissioning audit. Measurement of operating voltages, verification of electrical protections, measurement of the grounding of the installation.

    • Solar radiation measurement on inclined plane [W/m2] and low voltage energy production of the photovoltaic plant [MWh]. Preparation of a report with the Power generated vs. expected Power.